DAW Audio Composition Project


I created a composition from following a strong structure. The song structure was built out from a song that I imported into garagband, and then built out the structure of that song. From doing this, I developed how to identify bridge, chorus, and other elements that build a song.

Audio File Formats and Definitions

AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format): stores standard CD-quality audio; similar to WAV (Higher Quality)

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format): CD audio; can be saved with different sampling and bit rates; similar to AIFF (Higher Quality)

MP3 (Audio File): Used to store audiobooks and music on a hard drive; Close to CD-quality sound; the higher quality sound comes from higher bit rates which also take up more storage space

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): music data: notes played, when notes are played, how long each note is played, and the velocity of each note played; used to be able to exchange and use information between software and hardware programs; no actual audio data

All the audio file format information is found at: fileinfo.com

Song Used As Template

I chose this song beacuse I like how the composition is strucured.  It has a structure that I personally use a lot. The arrangement of the melody, bassline, vocals, and everything else just fits really well together in my opinion, and I thought it would be the perfect choice for working on arrangment.

Ableton Tracks

My Composition


What I Learned & Problems I Solved

I learned that following a song structure can inspire ideas, it can also make your song feel more professional. One problem that I faced was figuring out a melody or chord progression that I felt would fit with the arrangement, but I ended up realizing that really does not matter. What matters is the melody and chords themselves, not how they would fit in the arrangement.

Tutorials used:


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