Create Song Elements

Name of song: It’s time.


I made the song in Ableton, then I transferred the audio file into Soundtrap.

I started this song with the melody, then I made some chords I like. I went ahead and made some of my own vocal chops that fit well with the melody, almost like a counter melody. Everything you hear, I sound designed myself. The first and third ‘drop’ is supersaws layered together, with an LFO filter cutoff. The 2nd ‘drop’ are growls I made myself, same with what sound like lasers but is just a single piano note that I heavily distorted and added multiband compression.

After the song was done, I used an EQ to get the harsh frequencies out that could mess with the mix later on. I then mixed and mastered the track.

This was a simple overview of how I made the song.

My goal while making this was to have a feeling that nothing matters, but then the song slowly picks up into a hopeful/emotional transition.



I got a lot of great and amazing feedback! I did have some questions, but unfortunately, nobody answered them. Which is completely fine. The only feedback about the song its self was “Maybe the drums in the intro should be a little bit louder”, but that’s it.


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